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This is me:

I’m old school. I believe in the power of words. I think communication is key. I say what I do and I do what I say.

I’m self-made. I started from scratch with an entrepreneur mindset. A one man show turning into overseeing teams turning into a global position at one of the most successful and disruptive watch brands of the world.

I’m strategic. I know what it takes to run a business. I know how to sell a product. I know how to build a dream team.

I’m authentic. I have a blue collar work attitude with white collar presentation skills. I’m not afraid of speaking up. I wear my heart on my sleeve.

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Michael Marckx

Keynote Speaker | Founder of Monuments of Cycling & Creative Disruption | CMO | Purveyor of Pedaling Perversity

I had the great pleasure of working with Max Lindenlaub for two years while I was the global general manager for adidas Watches and a Vice President with Nixon Watches. It was to my delight seeing his initiative at work, to see his leadership potential grow, and his ownership of many sales and marketing initiatives in Europe. Max is an excellent people person and trustworthy teammate, yet his ideas have transcended to reach a broader group of people, outside the purview of his marketing and sales role. This is particularly true with his product acumen and retail knowledge. Perhaps more importantly, as a future leader with vision, mission and execution covered, he will give of himself to the world in untold ways and contribute the type of primacy the world truly needs now. I have a resounding confidence in Max and cannot wait to see his intensity, inquisitiveness and thoughtfulness take him to the next level of his professional pursuits and beyond. Someday, I hope to work with Max again, but in the mean time I wish for him the best in his journey of contribution and fulfillment.


Professional History

Growth-oriented and consumer-focused leader with extensive experience in orchestrating global brand, sales and marketing strategies and implementing well thought out execution plans, imperative for building an identify in the roaster of successful global brands. Adept at analyzing consumer insights and researching market trends and competitor activity to determine objectives and resonate with the target market. Demonstrated success in directing product development initiatives and spearheading product launch activities in order t0 penetrate competitive markets and increase brand value. Proven ability to guide cross-functional teams, recommend innovative solutions to intricate problems, and support data-driven decisions by monitoring profit and loss projections, marketing analytics, and key performance indicators.



May 2020 - Today

Collaborate with existing and upcoming brands, stakeholders, and creative teams to navigate strategic direction of a holistic brand strategy and increase brand awareness in a competitive landscape. Define brand objectives and oversee complete lifecycle of product development initiatives in order to generate new or optimize existing revenue streams for the business. Conduct thorough market and competitor research, devise marketing plans, and align all product positioning efforts to ensure sustainable and long-term growth in the target market segment.

  • Responsible for conceptualizing creative ideas for Indeed Germany.

  • Currently coordinating with a start-up, ETHOS watches and support entire brand building initiatives, including management of investor’s deck, sales structure and set up, marketing, and product design.



October 2018 - July 2020

Spearheaded the EMEA brand strategy and go-to-market plans to expand the market share for NIXON and Adidas watches and promote a compelling value proposition in a global brand environment. Managed the execution of all short- and long-term plans and led P&L assessments to revamp promotional efforts if needed, improve bottom line, and deliver forecasted revenue objectives and operating margins. Evaluated global market dynamics and coordinated with Sales, R&D, and global product teams to develop market-compatible products and drive sales.

  • Performed a pivotal role in global product development and as part of the key product strategic team.

  • Effective brand strategy resulted in substantial increase in sales and brand awareness.

  • Developed Adidas watches and re-launched NIXON with renovated sustainable product, clean e-com strategy, grassroots marketing, brand ambassadors and social media activation.

  • Rejuvenated products and boosted sales by 15% in the first year.

  • Directed cross functional teams accountable for resource management, materials, quality assurance, and launching new products and product renovations in the target market, meeting EMEA market standards within 6 to 8 months.

SS19_247365_NITE JOGGER_ON BODY_014_1080


January 2018 - October 2018

Designed and executed global sales, marketing, and product strategies to expand customer base and meet all time-sensitive revenue objectives. Led brand development in the EMEA region and promoted product’s key differentiators. Liaised with Product Managers to create a selling proposition and launch Adidas watches in the market. Oversaw marketing analytics and analyzed competitor actions to ensure data-driven decision making process and generate new ideas for product development.

  • Single handedly launched Adidas watches in the EMEA Market and spearheaded all sales and marketing initiatives.

  • Liaised between EMEA and global team and led all product decisions for EMEA market segments.

  • Led a high impact team and grew business from 0 to $3M for Adidas watches.

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October 2010 - January 2018

EMEA go to person in global product quality development and testing. Key point of contact for all EMEA product training needs and in-store training. Successfully Reshaped the after sales service for NIXON EMEA (Successfully outsourced all after sales service, restructured in-house team). Key role in all product role outs of new technology and office solutions (Microsoft Navison, NIXON B2B solutions, slack)



Before 2010

Feel free to read about my professional life and development in my blog below.

For more information about my professional experience, please get in touch.

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23 Q Rue du Chateau D'Eau
40230 Tosse


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