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Professional evolution

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

"Make sure to leave a footprint at the companies you work for or the jobs you do".

Disrupt, change, challenge for the better with the people by your side..

I started working the minute I left my parents house and all through my time being at the "Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln". My goal was to broaden my horizon by doing various jobs while at college to know what life is like. Bartender, Stage hand Viva Music Television, Sidekick at Danke Anke, High Rope course Trainer & team buildung coach , Event-manager, Title role at the TV show - "Kika Surfcamp", owner of "Glänzender Auftritt" event agency and many more. I have seen it a lot and would not miss it in the world.

You might ask yourself, why?

Nobody can replace the stories I heard, emotions that have been shared or friends I met through all my work experience. This is so much more than the linear work preparation the youth has this day. I went out to see the world to understand there is a globe not just a city.

France - NIXON:

2010 -2013

I started at NIXON with no intention of making a change but simply having a job that is less than 60 + hours a week after being an entrepreneur for years. I guess I made a "bad job" in my first role at NIXON due to quickly receiving more responsibility and creating projects people did not think to be important but ended up re-shaping the companies face for the consumer. The biggest change at the beginning was the outsourcing of the in-house repair center of NIXON and to work with local ( country specific) repair / service centers. I was in charge of 100% of the project with no extra resources. Local visits, contracts, price negotiations, shipment contracts and supply chain lead to global website integration and re-work of the service part of NIXON.


Product / Quality development was added to my portfolio and I made sure that the EMEA region received the feedback and recognition deserved in product development and categories. I was involved and in direct contact, visits with our Chinese factories. Reach regulations, product feedback and testing fell under my responsibility. Biggest wins, the "SUPERTIDE" re-work, "MISSION" watch testing and market launch.


adidas watches and NIXON brand management. Wow, here we are, me starting at Customer service being handed the key to two brands. Iconic German brand adidas and my love and life for 7 years NIXON. Leading the with the GM of EMA the NIXON brand and implementing adidas watches in an already struggling watch market was not easy but we made an impact in terms of grassroots marketing and brand awareness. People talked about the brands. Was it a success, well global events silenced the whisper that was out thee and this was it.


This is a blank page for now and I will take the time to breath... Yes I am fortunate enough to do so and I have to do so. 10+ years I have been on fire, to keep going, let's step back for a moment, value my family and see what is out there...

Are you keen to find out, well let's talk..

All the best,


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